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At Proteus we pride ourselves in being a top notch interactive digital marketing agency with a focus on customer service. Our very effective online marketing combined with  decades of experience make us the perfect partner for all your marketing needs.

Many business are still in the dark and don’t really harvest the power of online marketing loosing out on thousands of dollars worth of new business. Having digital marketing is vital to a business existence in today’s world.

Let us become your marketing partner and take your business to the next level. Contact us today.

What do you want your website to do?

  • Create a professional corporate image and intimidate your competition
  • Increase your company’s brand awareness and reach a larger audience
  • Give clients the convenience of making payments online
  • Capture leads and increase sales 24/7
  • Improve customer service
  • Recruit new employees
  • Showcase your product catalog or portfolio

These are just a few examples of what your business can accomplish with an excellent website design. Proteus offers the most innovative web solutions to meet the needs of small and medium sized companies.

Our expertise resides in website design and development, e-commerce solutions, and internet marketing. We create web solutions that accelerate business growth.

Whether you are seeking a professional website design for the internet, a complex back-end database, or looking to drive traffic to your website, Proteus can provide you with an intelligent web solution for your business needs.


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thirdcoast signs

Third Coast Signs is a premier coroplast sign company.

austin dentist

World Class Austin Dentist


We have partnered up with the leaders in PPC to offer our clients even more options to grow their business.

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Why PCC Is The Best Digital Marketing Option

High ROI is one of the main factors behind PPC’s success and continuing growth as an advertising channel.

Ranked along with Email marketing as the channels with the highest ROI, PPC is one of the most profitable advertising and marketing channels available.

Some of the reasons Why PPC is so successful Include;

  1. High Return on Investment

The use of pay per click is especially effective if you are trying to build a house-list of Email contacts, for more effective Email marketing. PPC is an ideal way to attract new customers and help promote your services or products.

By regularly assessing our year-end agency/ client reviews we are able to judge the ROI of each marketing channel and assist them in planning their future budgets.

One of our largest clients spent a six to seven figure sum on Adwords products in 2009, because the ROI from Adwords is, on average consistently five times stronger than any other online advertising and marketing channel. In 2008 alone we had helped this client to achieve a 36% rise in profits, during a global recession.

  1. Instant Targeted Traffic

Pay per click generates instant traffic, making it an excellent choice for a new website. While SEO has massive long-term benefits it takes a while to generate any substantial results. Using PCC can complement the use of the SEO strategy helping you to build a really successful website.

  1. Assess your Websites Functionality

As soon as your website has visitors you will be able to assess which areas of it work well and also what isn’t so effective. If well targeted traffic isn’t converting well into sales and leads you will be able to tell if you need to consider using conversion optimization, or a usability reassessment. An obvious lack of conversions will be picked up by PCC managers and they will investigate what’s going wrong, sometimes there can be an undiscovered programming error, or design mistake that can be preventing the site from functioning properly.

As relying solely on SEO to launch a website can take some time to generate enough traffic for you to be able to notice any faults, using PPC to help boost the initial traffic to your website can help you collect the necessary data much more quickly.

  1. Help Build you Companies Brand Image.

Being able to incorporate your companies corporate image, it is possible to use PPC as a great way to help your companies brand become more recognizable to potential customers. The use of branding within advertising can be a valuable way to build your businesses reputation and boost sales.

Although branding in itself won’t help bring you extra exposure to different clients, by being easily recognizable you are more likely to have a more positive response to email marketing and other advertising strategies.

PPC is a great way to create a branded image for your company for a relatively low cost, and help you portray a professional and successful image no matter the size of your business or budget.

Although it isn’t always easy to measure the success of creating branding it can be assessed by applying the usual PPC metrics.

A good conversion rate is more reliant of direct selling success, however by promoting your brand you will be able to create interest in your range of products, as well as individual items. More impressions create more exposure, generating a higher click through rate can indicate how interesting an advert is to viewers and help generate more highly targeted traffic to your website.

As it can be difficult to quantify, clients that have requested branding will expect to see good results for the extra time and expense, so it is very important to get such campaigns absolutely right. If all of this sounds totally intimidating and is something you don’t think you can handle yourself we suggest hiring a company that offers white label PPC management services.

Pay Per Click is Normally a Great Promotional Channel

Some websites may be less suitable for PPC. Sometimes it isn’t always possible to sell directly online, however by generating leads and email addresses for future marketing campaigns buy using PPC can be a really effective method when building a good customer base. By monitoring the value and amount of leads and email addresses generated you will be able to track the ROI of these leads during the lifetime of a customer.